Storm warning: black clouds over Evora, Portugal

There’s something magical about an approaching storm. Of course, you may not feel this way if you’re stuck out in the open without shelter and about to get soaked. Wandering as we were through the lovely historic city of Evora in Portugal’s Alentejo region, we could admire the increasing menace of the blackening sky against the whitewashed buildings.

We were safe in the knowledge that Evora’s coffee shops and churches provided the emergency cover for us when the sky would inevitably empty its cargo of water on the city. I was struck by the contrast between the city’s white buildings reflecting the final rays of the sun before it was consumed by the growing blackness, and the sky itself, which was taking on an unmistakably ominous appearance. It was almost as if I was viewing the world in negative.

Storm clouds over Evora
Storm clouds over EvoraStorm clouds over EvoraStorm clouds over EvoraStorm clouds over EvoraStorm clouds over Evora

The storm did arrive around sunset and gave the town a thorough soaking.

A couple of days later on Easter Sunday just across the border in the Spanish city of Merida, an even bigger storm arrived with us to disturb the evening sunshine. The picture below is around 5 minutes before impact. More on Merida in an upcoming post.

Storm gathers over Merida

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