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13 universal truths of travel

1. Hotel shower bottles are designed to be enough for exactly 0.8 showers. 2. You will always get the seat behind the compulsive recliner. 3. Your bag will be first off the conveyor belt on the one occasion you have several hours to waste before your connecting flight. 4. The length of the hotel check-in […]

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How to make a tourist town

Many British cities look on with envy at places such as York, Bath and Canterbury. These tourist honey pots attract thousands of visitors every day, pouring into town to snap a few photos, eat an expensive meal at a chain restaurant and buy something from a shop they have in their own local high street. The same […]

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Who are you? Why putting a name to a face is a regular headache

I don’t like to use this blog to air my own dirty washing, but couldn’t resist this topic. It’s something that has led to many awkward and embarrassing moments for me in the past and I’m curious to find out if others have the same problem or whether it is indeed just me. I’m rubbish […]

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14 likely new PR buzz words for 2012

Stay-cation, day-cation, car-cation – when will we see the end of the urge to create these awful PR buzz words, created in an attempt to make the mundane seem a little more exciting? Given that it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see this ridiculous trend finish anytime soon, I thought I’d take a sneaky look at […]

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Full English Breakfast

Why nothing beats a full English Breakfast

It’s not unusual in an English bed and breakfast to wake up to the smell of frying bacon. Whether you’re staying away from home on business or pleasure and whatever the day holds in store for you, there are few better ways to kick off proceedings than with a no-holds barred full English breakfast. Yet […]

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Stop the Bus: highs and lows of bus travel in strange lands

We were in Budapest for barely 48 hours, yet on four occasions we watched in despair as a bus pulled away in front of us and left us waiting in the cold. Every connection was missed by a whisker, each time we stood and stared as our bus disappeared into the December gloom. It’s not […]

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5 things to do for free in a five star hotel

Let’s face it: for most of us a five star hotel is an elusive treat. With travel budgets becoming increasingly tight most people would pay less for a week’s worth of accommodation than some of the most exclusive places charge for a night. But just because staying a night in a top hotel may be […]

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5 anatomical changes to make travel easier

Travelling to faraway places will always provide us with exhilarating moments. These are the ones that we use to make our friends and family green with envy on our return home. But a trip of any reasonable length will rarely pass without those times when our happy disposition has a day off (or at the very […]

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The fear of talking to strangers

Today I completed an email interview for another site. One of the questions required me to give a piece of advice to new inexperienced travellers. Instinctively I wrote that we shouldn’t be shy in talking to strangers; the encounters that result will almost always provide us with our most cherished travel memories. I absolutely believe […]

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A beginner’s guide to people watching

Anyone can take part. We can indulge in any public place wherever we are in the world. Best of all it’s free to do it. I challenge anyone to deny that they enjoy sometimes just sitting back and watching people go about their daily lives. People watching is of course a very easy thing to […]

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