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Reasons I’m rubbish at travel, part 29: The Night Bus

I envy those folks who can sleep anywhere and can just pass a night on a bus as if they were in the most comfy of hotel beds. They casually drop into their conversation “and then we took a night bus there and next morning we went to visit the royal palace/go on a hike/do […]

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Bumping off your travel partner: tips for the perfect travel murder

This colourful topic arose as an after-dinner conversation on our holiday with fellow travellers and was admittedly fuelled by a drink or two along the way. I thought it worth sharing here purely as entertainment, and certainly not to provide anyone with ideas of how to mysteriously dispose of the love of their life. So […]

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The cardboard zoo: a glimpse of the future?

Imagine coming face to face with this creature? I was calmly munching on my baguette when I turned round and caught sight of this monster lurking in the bushes. Well, I was so shocked I almost dropped my delicious snack. When you’re in France for a day trip you should be prepared for almost anything. […]

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Alternative travel quotes for the modern world

There are many examples of the pithy travel quote that are often shared around online. These lines are usually written by famous authors from a time when travel was very different: when travel really was about the journey and when travelling off the beaten track was easy. But how would these quotes look if written […]

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10 reasons why travel is a waste of time

Since I woke up in a contrary mood this morning, I thought I’d have a bit of fun with this post. There are so many posts and articles written about the virtues of travel that I figured I would play Devil’s Advocate and take the opposite view. I mean let’s face it, millions of people […]

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