Speaks for itself really. I produce all types of copy on demand including website content, brochures, feature articles, advertising copy. I have particular experience in the travel and tourism industry as well as healthcare, but have worked on projects featuring insurance, manufacturing and energy.

Blog management

I manage social media activities for a number of clients (see Client Blogs tab above), providing them with the services of a professional writer who has a respected online brand and established audience. These arrangements usually involve me managing the company blog and using their Twitter feed and Facebook account to promote this content.

I will gladly connect interested parties with my clients for references.

Contact me if you would like to speak with me about how these services might be of value to your business.


What I don’t Do

This site is non-commercial. I don’t accept guest posts, sponsored posts, paid links, advertisements, affiliate sales or anything similar. Neither do I run contests or conduct product reviews.