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The business of blogging: Travel Blog Camp speech

Today’s post is a transcript of my speech for the Travel Blog Camp on Tuesday night (9th November). It’s a bit long (not unlike the speech itself) but for those who missed an excellent event, I hope this post provides some points of interest and a few familiar thoughts. I want to focus on three […]

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St Albans blog trip – ingredients locally sourced

This weekend St Albans will play host to five of Europe’s prominent travel bloggers. I’m very much looking forward to welcoming four old friends and one that I’ve yet to meet in real life to my home city. I’ve had a lot of fun organising this event and I’ve stressed to those attending that this […]

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The demand for the badly written word

An increasing number of professional writers are lamenting the rapid decline in the quality of travel articles in the newspapers. Celebrity junkets, brazen advertorials and articles that might well have been researched and written via Wikipedia are all cited as part of this drop in standards. In his hard-hitting post yesterday (What is wrong with […]

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Travel Blogger meets Hotel Manager

Just for a change, a video post today. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

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