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How to deal with theft from your hotel room

On our recent travels in Central America we had two incidents where money was stolen from our room. Both involved relatively small amounts ($20 and $30), both were the result of carelessness on my part, but both cases still left a distinctly sour taste in the mouth. Yet what stays in my mind is the […]

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Tipping: when and how much is right?

This week’s guest post by Mark Hodson of 101 Holidays provides valuable advice for travellers on the complex and often sensitive issue of tipping, explaining the local practices for paying gratuities in different parts of the world and offering sound insights on how and when we should tip. Handing over a modest tip for good […]

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It’s good to be home

They say all good things come to an end, and so it is with my six week absence from the world of blogging. While the two of us have been hopping around central America enjoying the best that the region has to offer, my scribblings have been restricted to a set of notes in my […]

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10 ways to make a living while travelling

As increasing numbers of people seek a life of eternal travel free from the worries and troubles of domestic life, the ways in which they finance themselves while on the road become ever more varied. Intended as an off-beat list of some of these money-making strategies, here are 10 methods by which a traveller might […]

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I can see clearly now: the value of first hand experience

Wherever we are in the world, we always notice opticians’ shops. From the simple shack in the Indian town to the trendy optical store on the European high street, I see a glimpse of my own past; an environment in which I spent the first ten years of my working life as an optometrist and […]

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The Great Untold Myth of Backpacking

This week’s guest post is written by Ben Colclough, founder of Tourdust and an avid traveller. Ben shares with us his views on the world of backpacking, challenging some of the common myths that are associated with the backpacking community. He also recalls some of his own travel experiences and how they shaped those views. […]

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Why did the Brit cross the road? The murky rules of jaywalking

I just can’t do it. It’s 8am on a Sunday morning and I’m standing on a pavement in Tallinn. I can see half a mile of empty road stretching into the distance. Yet I’m supposed to wait; wait for the green man to let me know I can safely cross the 5 metres of road […]

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A guide to getting ripped off without losing your dignity

Almost everyone has their own story of getting ripped off while travelling. Whether it was a dodgy waiter, a hotel that tried to charge too much or a driver that took you for a ride in more ways than one, however smart we think we are, people will get the better of us from time […]

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