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Travel brochure: information or inspiration?

I have a soft spot for collecting travel brochures; specifically those that focus on inspirational photography. I can enjoy time and again those images of sweeping landscapes, of little isolated houses set against a open sky and a dramatic mountainous backdrop. I stare at those pictures and transport myself to those faraway lands, imaging that […]

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SEO – Someone else’s obsession

I spend far too much of my time reading ‘stuff” online. Usually it’s other people’s blog posts, sometimes it’s newspaper articles and other times it is random nonsense that I find when I’m looking for something that I’ve long forgotten I started looking for. On many days I couldn’t tell you how those hours disappear […]

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World Travel Market: a very bad week for trees

We’re only three weeks away from World Travel Market (WTM), and the world’s trees are once again in mortal danger as this major annual event approaches. Like turkeys lined up for Christmas, they will be destroyed without mercy in the chaotic dash to produce tens of thousands of brochures, catalogues, flyers, magazines and glossy folders […]

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Why UK tourism is still all about London

Last night I co-hosted the weekly Travellers’ Night In (TNI) event on Twitter. It’s basically a couple of hours of chatter with several hundred people around 10 timed questions on a particular theme. This week it was all about the UK. While the audience is international it is fair to say that the majority of […]

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Customer loyalty: have Ryanair got it right after all?

Last night saw the latest event held by CIMTIG in London. The debate was centred around the subject of customer loyalty in the travel industry and how travel companies can create loyaly to their brands. Four speakers (Francesca Ecsery from Cheapflights UK, Tom Marchant from Black Tomato, Steven Georgiadis from SAS and Crispin Westhead from […]

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