Flight Delay Compensation – surprisingly easy to claim

I was watching The Money Show on ITV recently and saw a feature about claiming compensation for flight delays. I’ve had my fair share of delays over the years but have never before thought it was worth the hassle of trying to get any money back, even though I was vaguely aware of some EU […]

Same flights, different prices – an easy way to save money on Ryanair

If you book a flight on Ryanair from the UK to a eurozone country, you can save a lot of money by booking two single flights instead of a straightforward return. The difference is mainly down to the exchange rates applied by Ryanair on flights and the different add-ons they sell. By booking a return, […]

Wither the blog…

It’s almost 4 months since I last wrote on this site, so I figured I should do an update of some sort. Back in the day I might have added 100 posts since my last entry. Despite my best intentions at the start of the year, other things have got in the way and I’ve had […]

Across the divide – a visit to the former inner German border

Follow the bend in the road, then walk for around 100 metres. If I hadn’t seen the satellite photo a few minutes earlier I’d have had no idea where to look. Beyond the roadside ditch wild flowers were swallowed up by the long grass, and only an occasional car broke the calm of an afternoon […]

Comfortable hotels – why are they so rare?

“Your home away from home” is how many hotels like to market themselves. It’s an easy slogan to use, but for many hotel owners I am fairly sure that if they had to live in the properties which earn them a living, they wouldn’t put up with many of the irritations to which they are […]

A tale of car rental woe with a happy ending

I loathe every aspect of renting a car abroad. Even the process of booking a car for our recent Sicily trip took far too long; every time I was about to book a car I made the mistake of checking a review site and ended up getting distracted by a stream of one-star ratings from angry […]

Seeing Stonehenge beyond a pile of rocks

‘It’s just a pile of rocks’. Take a look through the comments on Tripadvisor (or any review site) and you’ll find many visitors who were spellbound by the ancient stones at Stonehenge, and plenty of others for whom it was an overpriced and underwhelming attraction. Just how do different people experience the same place in such a […]

Reflections on Aqaba and Jordan

This is the final post of the Digital Nomad series with National Geographic Traveller. Our two weeks in Jordan flew by in a highly enjoyable blur. Our Digital Nomad trip was hosted by the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), and through our experiences they wanted to communicate three main messages to an international audience: that Jordan is a […]

An oversized lunch in an Aqaba home

This post is part of the Digital Nomad project with National Geographic Traveller. The greeting was warm and unfussy. After a long drive back to Aqaba it was a pleasure to stretch out, sit in the shaded courtyard and do nothing more energetic than sip tea while our host busied herself with preparing lunch. We […]

Over the edge: our first abseiling adventure

This post is part of the Digital Nomad project with National Geographic Traveller. I try not to look down. The only thing between me and a 20 metre drop into the gorge below is the rope to which I’m attached; but thinking about that isn’t going to help. Instead I focus on trying to move slowly backwards […]