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The nagging curse of Tripadvisor

You’re checking out after a pleasant stay at a hotel. You enjoyed the comfortable bed, found the room clean and spacious, and safely negotiated the quirks of the bathroom. Even the wi-fi was free (Hallelujah!). As you’re settling your account with the receptionist, she hands you a little slip of paper with a pleading smile. […]

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Is anything really unique?

Are you promoting a part of the world that has nothing particularly special going for it? Perhaps your city or region has a few nice waterfalls, a row of 100 year old buildings and a few hills. You need to create an impression that you live in a place that’s truly special. Fear not. It’s […]

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Hotel showers: why can’t they get it right?

Hotels take a lot of effort into impressing guests with additional touches, whether it be chocolates on pillows, branded writing pads or disposable slippers. When it comes down to analysing the bare essentials however, a stay in a hotel for me is about two main factors: the bed and the shower. Why is it so […]

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The global hassle of visas

A couple of weeks ago I drove from Salzburg to Innsbruck. It took a little under two hours, and along the way I drove into Germany and then back out into Austria again. Did I need a visa? Of course not. Did I show my passport? There was no-one to show it to. In fact […]

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Airport security: when did they forget we’re human?

In a damning article in the Independent over the weekend Simon Calder told of his torment in passing through the hell that is otherwise known as the Stansted security procedure. That he was at Stansted and flying Ryanair probably didn’t help his experience. The same procedures apply across UK airports and, barring small local variations, […]

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