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Top 10 photos from my travels

I can spend hours flicking through our picture albums from the last few years. However good our memories might be there are moments that get lost in the mist of time and that are rekindled simply by a glance at an old photo. So while I’ve never really invested in my camera gear (it probably […]

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Look the other way: lesser known views of the world’s most famous places

At every famous place in the world there seems to be one unmissable photo spot: the picture that we know will end up being printed, framed, used as a greeting card or as our desktop. Along with the almost everyone else, I too have made sure to capture those iconic images. But looking through my […]

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St Albans: not bad for a southern city

We have moved house more times than most. In fact, in a little over 20 years together we’ve lived in or close to six big UK cities (Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Cardiff, Bristol and most recently London) as well as a spell in New York. We were, until 2006, proud to say we had not lived […]

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Iconic sunsets from around the world

There’s something about sunsets that has people reaching for their cameras and snapping away at the last rays of sunshine. Famous monuments and natural wonders each have their ‘sunset point’, where huge crowds of people gather to watch this daily spectacle. What is it about sunsets that we find so captivating? While I can’t say […]

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Barra Beach at sunset

I can’t believe it’s Britain

Turquoise waters, stunning secluded beaches, the ocean dotted with tiny picturesque islands and a warm friendly welcome from the locals. Where am I describing? The first thoughts when we hear these words are probably of the Caribbean, or of some beautiful resorts in Thailand or the South Pacific. Well, for those in the UK who […]

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11 reasons to visit the Western United States

One of my top places in the world to visit, the west of the United States is rich with natural wonders and well-managed national parks. I have raved on about the American national parks in this area in a recent post so will spare you my words and just share a few of the favourite […]

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