Notes from the road: New York

For the next few weeks we will be making our way slowly around the world and I’ll be writing for various sites and publications as we go. I’ll be using this site mainly to let my mother know that we’re alive and well and to keep our family and anyone else who cares updated on progress by posting a few photos (isn’t that what travel blogs are for?)

I’ll link to my articles published elsewhere as and when they appear.

For now here are a few photos from our first return to New York since we moved out of our apartment in the city over eight years ago.

Shuttle on the Intrepid

Shuttle Enterprise on the Intrepid (sadly closed as Superstorm Sandy caused some damage to the museum on the aircraft carrier)


New York Public Library

New York Public Library – one of the city’s most impressive buildings


Lifts in the lobby of the Chrysler Building

Lifts in the lobby of the Chrysler Building – I had never appreciated just how much Art Deco there was in New York

A walk in Central Park

We managed a couple of walks in Central Park, including a short stroll in our favourite area above 95th street, far from the crowds in the lower park

9/11 memorial

After many years of arguments, the 9/11 memorial looks like a sensitive, fitting tribute

Statue of Liberty at sunset

Statue of Liberty at sunset

Lower Manhattan skyline at sunset

Lower Manhattan skyline at sunset

Junior's Cheesecake

We visited several of our favourite old haunts. A trip to Junior’s for their New York style cheesecake was the highlight

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  1. Sounds like a fun trip. Where are you taking in?

    Have safe and fun travels.

    December 13, 2012 at 9:27 am