Wuxi, China, 1995 – A snapshot in time

This picture, and the words accompanying it, might be of no use to the prospective visitor to China in 2009. After all, if you find this stretch of water in the city of Wuxi, you are unlikely to recognise it from the details here. Although the picture is only 14 years old, at the time […]

Want snow? Come to Mallorca, of course!

As I sit in my garden in sunny St Albans, with the temperature soaring past 30C, the thought of going to Mallorca is not particularly enticing. Although as I look for some shade and a place to cool off, maybe it does deserve a closer look. After all, the only time we have been there, […]

Under African Skies – Sabi Sands Reserve, South Africa

It’s hard to beat the multi-coloured beauty of an African sunset. The sky seems bigger, the hue of the reds and oranges more expressive, the clouds more dreamy. And the sounds of the plains around us while watching the sun dip below the horizon leave you in no doubt where you are. We stayed in […]

Routeburn Track, New Zealand – Tramping at its best (and a bit of Japanese)

I can’t remember if it took us three days or four (it was a while ago now). I do know that for each of the days, we were treated to views that took our breath away and more than compensated for the aching limbs we were accumulating along with our miles. Stretching across the Southern […]

The Perfect Storm – New York City

I am sitting at home in St Albans tonight watching the lightning and hearing the crashes of thunder that have been dominating the summer evening here for the last three hours. I love thunder and lightning, and am mesmerised by the sight of an electrical storm. My mind went back to the best storm we […]

Buenos Aires – dance the calories away

Walk down the main pedestrian streets in BA, and you won’t go far before you see a tango troupe. Usually a couple of guys and a girl, and they carry an old stereo. Without warning, the music starts, and a couple take to the floor. You will see countless such displays in downtown Buenos Aires, […]

Visiting Petra – the land of rock hewn temples, thousands of ancient treasures… and Indiana Jones

First off… I made a mistake with our itinerary. Petra deserves two days, even for two people who walk and walk all day, and cover large sites very quickly. There is just so much to see here! We started at the crack of dawn. We decided to hire one of the guides, and the young […]

Walking on Gozo, Malta

Small enough to walk around the entire coast in a couple of days, Gozo is the small sibling of Malta, only half an hour away by ferry. Busy along the main street that bisects the island, away from this the island is like a nature reserve – left to their own devices, the plants grow […]

The beauty at hand – St Albans – Home!

“Why spend your time travelling when there is so much to explore under our very feet?” It is a good argument, and clearly not one I subscribe to. I do however live in a very nice place. If I were to visit St Albans as part of a trip, I would be impressed. And so […]

Clean air, clear water, pure tranquility – Kattfjord, arctic Norway; the perfect secret getaway

If I ever go missing, here’s how you’ll most likely find me. Fly up to Tromso in northern Norway, several hundred miles above the Arctic Circle. Hire a car from the airport, and take a drive west for around 50km to the shores of Kattfjord. You’ll know you are somewhere special as you pass along […]