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A Romanian journey: castles, churches and a happy cemetery

Following on from last week’s post about her recent adventures in Romania, Kathryn Bullock describes the second part of her recent trip and shares with us some of the highlights of the visit. After reading Kathryn’s account you might agree that Romania is worthy of a closer look.   Gura Raului near Sibiu We were […]

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A journey through Romania: Europe’s forgotten corner

In this week’s guest post Kathryn Bullock describes her recent experience of spending Easter in the lesser known parts of Romania. In fact I suspect all of Romania is unknown to the majority of travellers. After reading Kathryn’s account you might agree that it’s worthy of a closer look. The 12 day break between Good […]

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The Silk Road: marketing spin or classic adventure?

You may remember a while back 501 Places featured an excellent guide to learning languages with a host of unorthodox but highly effective tips. James Willcox is back with a second post, this time on the subject of the famous Silk Road. He explores whether the route has managed to retain its sense of mystery and adventure despite […]

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Killing time: Shizhaga, Kazakhstan

The latest guest post on 501 Places is a moving story by Jerry Kubica recalling his travels in a remote part of Kazakhstan as part of his work for the charity Our Roots Trust. He set up the charity to help those families who were uprooted from their Polish homeland by the two world wars […]

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The ABC of trekking – what is and what’s not cool

Following on from last week’s post about trekking and reaching Annapurna Base Camp (ABC), Kathryn Bullock returns to share with us the key highlights and add her reflections on some of the “uncool” sides of trekking. Having reached ABC we opted to trek back down for lunch and continue down to Himalaya camp. The prospect […]

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The ABC guide to trekking in Nepal – part 1

This week’s guest post is the first of two from Kathryn Bullock, following her return from a recent trek in Nepal. Her first trip to Nepal was featured on 501 Places last year and was well received. The latest adventures are well worth reading. For anyone planning to do some trekking in Nepal, Annapurna Base Camp […]

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Opening my eyes to South Africa through Soweto

In this week’s guest post travel writer and journalist Andrea Wren describes a visit to Soweto. She shares with us her experience of taking a township tour and offers tip on those planning to make a similar visit. Looking into a corrugated iron shack the size of a camper van, it was hard to believe […]

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Important: North Korea Blog Trip Announcement

Are you one of the travel blogging elite? Rumour has it that you may receive a VERY interesting email today. Here’s the scoop: In a groundbreaking move North Korea is reportedly opening its doors to a select group of travel bloggers. The lucky few, representing the best of the global online community and chosen using […]

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Apple iPad review: it’s shiny

I’ve never reviewed an electronic product before. That’s partly down to the fact that this site is not really about reviews and partly also because it’s not about electronics. I also own very few gadgets. But seeing as the iPad has attracted so much hype and I happen to own one, I thought I’d make […]

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Why Colombia is one of the happiest places on the planet

The latest guest post on 501 Places is written by Kathryn Bullock, a travel industry entrepreneur who recently returned from a trip to Colombia. Kathryn shares with us the highlights of her 5 week trip and reveals to us why Colombia deserves its growing reputation as a place that greets its visitors with the warmest […]

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