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Travel inspiration: what works for you?

Magazine articles, blogs, TV shows, even apps: all make regular claims to help inspire us to choose our next holiday destination. Some of these must work for there to be enough advertising money floating around to keep so many people in business. But so much of what is out there doesn’t inspire me at all. […]

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Why other people’s holidays are always great: the magic of cognitive dissonance

Ask a friend or work colleague about their holiday and the chances are that the description will fall somewhere between amazing, awesome and brilliant. In most cases we don’t need to ask; the bronzed storyteller will proudly share every highlight of their holiday with anyone who can’t get away in time. And yet, go to […]

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The nagging curse of Tripadvisor

You’re checking out after a pleasant stay at a hotel. You enjoyed the comfortable bed, found the room clean and spacious, and safely negotiated the quirks of the bathroom. Even the wi-fi was free (Hallelujah!). As you’re settling your account with the receptionist, she hands you a little slip of paper with a pleading smile. […]

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Does Twitter really drive today’s news agenda?

An increasing number of people are shunning the traditional news outlets of TV and newspapers and are looking to the online world to get their daily news fix. While the evidence of this shift in news consumption is not in dispute, is there a parallel change in how news stories are sourced and produced? Is […]

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What is customer engagement and does it really matter?

Last night’s CIMTIG event brought together a panel of experts from different media to make their case in the search for the most effective way to reach customers in today’s technology rich and time poor world. Representatives of Google, O2, News International, radio and ‘out of home advertising’ (billboards, underground, bus shelters etc) argued how […]

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Are 0845 numbers bad for business?

It’s getting harder than ever for many businesses to attract new customers and to persuade them to part with their hard-earned cash. Travel businesses in particular are feeling the squeeze with a recent survey by ING Direct suggesting that up to 40% of Brits are planning not to go on holiday this summer. In such […]

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Is green marketing really a red herring?

I was driving into Nottingham this week and I stopped at the lights behind a park and ride bus. I was struck by the big advertisement on the bus that I was forced to read while waiting for the lights to turn green. It showed a group of happy business people with the caption “We […]

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Why your air miles might be worth less than you think

If you want to fly to New York next week the good news that the cost of the flight with British Airways is a mere £94 return. Before you go rushing off to bag a bargain flight you might stop to ask “what’s the catch?” Well, the fare you will actually pay is £367.10 – […]

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Should travel agents act as web curators?

The amount of online content related directly or indirectly to travel is astounding. There are countless websites, blogs, Facebook pages, user reviews and an endless stream of travel-themed tweets. Only a few years ago a search for a remote off-beat destination might bring up nothing more than an obscure Wikipedia entry. No more; if it’s […]

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Why hotel wi-fi shouldn’t always be free

I am well aware that this post is covering very sensitive ground for some so I’ll tread very carefully. There is a loud clamour among the vast majority of the online community for wi-fi to be available free of charge at any hotel. There are lists of hotels with free wi-fi and ‘walls of shame’ […]

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