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A life’s dream fulfilled: Landing on the beach in Barra

As one of life’s hopeless dreamers there are places, experiences and events that have long been on my wish list. Anyone who has a similar list will know that the list will never be empty. Each year another couple of places may be ticked off the list, while another dozen are added to the end, […]

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A different world: the seductive charms of life on a small island

There’s something unique about life on a small island. You get a sense of community that is elusive to the places where most of us live. I’ve noticed this on our many visits to the remote corners of Scotland, and experienced this most of all on our recent trip to Barra, a tiny island at […]

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Barra Beach at sunset

I can’t believe it’s Britain

Turquoise waters, stunning secluded beaches, the ocean dotted with tiny picturesque islands and a warm friendly welcome from the locals. Where am I describing? The first thoughts when we hear these words are probably of the Caribbean, or of some beautiful resorts in Thailand or the South Pacific. Well, for those in the UK who […]

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High speed tales from Canterbury

Canterbury was the first city taken by William the Conqueror in 1066, and it fell without a struggle. Almost a thousand years later it is the first port of call for many French daytrippers and weekend tourists, much like Boulogne is for the English (although with the pound as weak as it is these days, […]

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Revealing the beauty of London, part 327: St James’s Sq and Jermyn St

If anyone had suggested to me a few years ago that I would become one of London’s biggest admirers, I would have dismissed them as mad. I had a strong dislike for the city and on our essential visits to the city I would arm myself with a thick skin, replace my natural smile with […]

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12 Hidden Faces of London

London is considered by many to be the one of the world’s most photogenic cities. Famous palaces, statues and river views create the backdrop for the perfect tourist photos. Having lived close to London for a few years now, I have come to really enjoy taking a walk through the city’s lesser known parks and […]

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Great food for under £5 in London’s tourist hotspot? Yes you can

When asked to recommend good places to eat in London, most of us would tell visitors to steer clear of anywhere in the West End. Much like those along the Champs Elysees or those within a block of Times Square, most places here cater purely for the tourist market and don’t expect repeat business from […]

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