Paradise – La Digue, Seychelles

As a rule we never visit the same place twice. The world is too big, and time too short. We explore a new destination as much as we can and move on. And while every place we have visited holds some good memories, few have left us with a longing to return.

The Seychelles are an exception to that rule. Our honeymoon destination a mere 16 years ago, these remote islands nestled along the Equator in the Indian Ocean are about as near to idyllic as you can get. Or at least they were in 1993. Particularly on the outer islands, where you are guaranteed a beach to yourselves, with each stretch of sand looking as though it has been created as a movie set, so perfect is the backdrop, the colour of the water and the pleasing contrast between sand, sea, rocks and palms.

Having visited other tropical islands (Mauritius, Maldives) as well as many coastal resort areas, none come close to the Seychelles for a mix of places to explore and opportunities to relax and unwind. The size of the islands make exploration on a bike an easy option, and the people we met along the way greeted us with smiles (far more so on the roads than in the hotels). Being surrounded by mostly honeymoon couples has its disadvantages, as many seem to be averse to interaction with anyone other than their newly snared spouse. If you do get frustrated by the lack of interest to talk from other visitors, there’s always the stunning sunsets and the sounds of the gentle waves to keep you amused.

(May 1993)

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