Norfolk Coastal Path: A perfect weekend – 50 miles of coast, no car

4 days of hiking – carrying all that you need on your back, staying in B&Bs and pubs along the route, and the crashing waves a constant companion. If this sounds like your idea of a relaxing break, read on…

We completed the Norfolk Coastal Path recently, or a sunny, if not warm, weekend. It is one of the easier long distance paths to organise, as there are numerous villages along the route, each with a small but adequate selection of places to stay, get a hot shower and most importantly some decent food.

Now while I mentioned it was easy to plan, don’t be fooled about the ease of the walk. Although it is a very flat walk, there are some punishing stretches that will test both the legs and the spirit. One particular section of four relentless miles crunching through shingle with a headwind for company certainly had us appreciating the cream tea at the other end. On the whole though, the walking was on good ground, and the frequent windmills and steeples that dot the skyline ensured that the views were equally pleasant to sea and to land.

There is something indescribably liberating about throwing everything you have onto your back and setting off. No worries about traffic, about phone calls or emails, or about what is going on in the world. Whatever else is happening out there will not have a bearing on your day, walking along the path, with only your own energy to power you along the way.

(May 2009)

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